Project by: Sam Goldman, Ryan Loney, Ashwath SrivatsanCaitlyn Lubas

High Concept Statement: 

Restocks, but for Pop-Up shops.





Need or Demand:

The only ways to find out about Pop-Up shops are catching an article by chance, or through word of mouth. This app seeks to fill the market gap.

Product / Service / Solution:

This app will fill the demand for information regarding Pop-Up shops by consolidating it into one place for the user. They will be able to filter by city, type of store, etc.

Value Proposition:

Customers want to find out about Pop-Up stores because they often are only around for short periods of time and can sometimes feature celebrity appearances. Because these stores run for a short period of time, having the information allows users to visit these shops while they are still around.


Currently no direct competitor, there is a clear market gap. The alternative is by hearing about Pop-Up shops through social media or articles.

Revenue Model:

Simple advertisements, featured/promoted Pop-Ups.