Project by: Wazermes Helmi, Tommy Qiu, Marquis Velazquez

High Concept Statement: 

An app that makes the life of a professor easier. With this app, the teacher can take an accurate attendance roll call





Need or Demand:

The app allows for attendance in the classroom to be taken with a mobile app that links to the professor’s app and allows for them to be marked present without the use of a sheet of paper or calling out “present”. The app will work using location services. You must be within a certain distance of the professor and classroom to be marked present. The app allows all schedules to be viewed on the user accounts for individual schedules and classes taught by professors. This app also allows the attendance rate to be calculated for the school. If a student enters the classroom and marks present on the app then decides to leave early without notifying anyone or tries to sign in and immediately leaves. The professor will receive an alert on their phone once a student leaves their radius. The professor will know how long the student has been gone. Making it an accurate tool to track down students who try to skip.

Product / Service / Solution:

Most students exploit the huge 100 student lecture halls. By signing in on paper then leaving. Professors are unaware when students do this, due to the sheer number of students. It is unethical to give students like these points for being present, when they weren’t. Also, colleges love to engage in statistics, on demographics population, etc. This app would give schools efficient data on times students arrive to class, how long they stay, and how many times they skip class. Skipping a class on purpose is a problem, because most universities don’t have infinite number of seats for students. So many time good hard working students are declined due to not having enough room for them. So, to have a student miss class and not take anything serious is robbing that other student who could’ve potentially done great things in the school. So, schools need to crack down on students who skip and don’t take their academics seriously through this app. It will improve the attendance and the attendance process for classrooms across the nation.

Value Proposition:

School can buckle down on students, and use a more efficient, advanced, easier way to take attendance. Schools will save money by eradicating poor students who miss class and have astounding accuracy when it comes to statistics on attendance and more. This app is forcing students to attend more and avoid skipping class, which can result in a higher graduation rate a higher retention rate


There isn’t any other way to take attendance, other than normal paper. No other app performs this function of digitalized attendance

Revenue Model:

Revenue will be generated from the universities subscribing and selective educational advertising. Also, making it mandatory for all students to purchase the app through the school (the price can be discussed), making it as significant as buying books.