Project by: 

Tina Zhou; Chris Garcia; Eugene Park

High Concept Statement: 

UberEats for college students




Food & Drink

Need or Demand:

We believe there are people who have a need or desire for an efficient on-campus delivery service to students from campus dining halls that is also rewarding.

There are many reasons as to why a student cannot go to a dining hall for a meal. Sometimes students get sick and find it inconvenient to even leave their beds, nonetheless make the ten-minute walk to the nearest dining hall. Other times, students just find themselves too swamped with work to spend half an hour queuing up for a Palladium salad. Maybe they’ll crave Chick-Fil-A so badly but really don’t want to walk in the cold. As a result, many students choose to skip meals instead, a practice that can be very unhealthy in the long run. Of course, apps for ordering food such as Seamless and GrubHub exist if students desperately wish to eat, but they are not cost-effective in the long term given that most students have already paid for their expensive meal plans.

Enter QuickBite. With QuickBite, students will be able to have food from dining halls delivered to the comfort of their own rooms or other locations of choice without spending a single extra penny. This way, when students go to dining halls to get food themselves, they can take other students’ food on their way out and deliver them to their rightful owners, thus maximizing productive efficiency.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing a service that benefits both commuters and on-campus students by providing incentives to deliver in return for some form of compensation.

Once a student registers, they can choose to request a meal delivery or become a deliverer. When they select to request for a delivery, they will be able to see how many people are currently at each dining hall with the use of a live feed and can use this knowledge to decide which dining hall to order from. Then, they are directed to a menu where they can select the food they want to order and their delivery location. Once an order is completed, the students who sign up for delivery will be able to see the request and can choose to complete it. Whoever accepts the request would then go and purchase the order from the dining hall and bring it to the student orderer. The orderer would then be able to track the location of their food after their request is accepted through the app.

As a reward for delivering, deliverers can choose to exchange meal-for-meal and get a meal delivery for free, or they can choose to have points awarded to their accounts. Once students have accumulated a certain amount of points, they will be able to cash them in for campus cash.

Value Proposition:

Campus food delivered to your door for free!

On-campus food can be ordered with your phone in the comfort of your own bed. While students are already at your dining hall/cafe of choice, they can pick up your order and bring it back to your dorm──for free! A meal delivery or reward points will be given in exchange for delivery!

-Save time and energy

-Free delivery from people you can trust

-No need to spend extra money outside of a meal plan

-Readymade food delivered fast

-Real-time dining hall occupancy graph

-Anywhere, anytime


EnvoyNow is our primary competitor. EnvoyNow is also a campus food delivery service that employs students to deliver food, however they only deliver from off-campus restaurants and charge a delivery fee. EnvoyNow mainly operates in the West coast and they have a limited number of downloads.

The main complaints for EnvoyNow is that it is not cost-effective enough, with mandatory delivery fee, tips…at the same time, many users have complained that their feedbacks have not been responded, and often their food is not delivered. However, students would be more inclined to use QuickBite mainly because it would be completely free, which is the main concern of the majority of students. At the same time, stealing food would not be a problem for QuickBite because students would be using their own meal swipes. At the same time, we will be actively checking student feedback and continuously improving our app.

Revenue Model:

We will have ads as our main source of revenue. We will also have a premium subscription service where students can pay a small fee per semester for faster delivery and to eliminate ads. Premium orders will be prioritized over regular orders.