Project by: Sai Lahari, Radhesh Ganti Mahapatruni

High Concept Statement: 

Plugshare for car repairs





Need or Demand:

Did you know that approximately 7 tire punctures occur every second only in US and 220million per year. Imagine a situation when you are going to a party and your car broke down or have a flat tire. You might not necessarily know how to repair it. Statistics show that 60% of people can’t change a flat tire but know how to google it. Now, with a party ahead you wouldn’t want to sweat yourself with repairing a flat tire. There is a gap here, where car owners look up for nearby mechanic shops or try to change the tires on their own. This could be a need and a demand. Our app provides real time information of repair-persons in your vicinity

Product / Service / Solution:

Re-Pair IT is an app which provides real time information of how many people are there around you who can help you fix a car related problem. The user need to download the app and can look up for mechanics around them. They can pick one mechanic depending on the ratings/experience/his color code. The mechanics can register themselves with this app and include their profile and improvise depending on the ratings given to them

Value Proposition:

Ease of service, less wait time are the number one value.


There are no competitors, however alternatives include instances where customers can google for a nearby repair shop. But again, the problem here can be if the repair shop is trustworthy with its service or not. This app can be a one-stop solution

Revenue Model:

We can adopt the method of how Uber pays its drivers, by weekly payment. Here, we can charge the customers with the service the drivers are providing and if the customers are providing the repairing equipment or drivers using their own equipment. Also, the cost of downloading this app will be $1.99 Since, there is an network effect included, we can scroll adds at the bottom of the app