Project by:

Narayan Kovil

High Concept Statement: 

A Palette for Searching





Need or Demand:

When people desire to know something, they want a variety of references whether it be a photo, a news article, or a person’s net worth.

Product / Service / Solution:

“This application will allow individuals to search up a topic and curate a variety of media resources that allow them to understand a greater breath of the topic. Take for example a search for “Grammys 2017″, this application would show curated highlights of the nights (whether it be photos, tweets or videos), from which you can swipe through.”

Value Proposition:

The customer value and benefits of this solution include simplicity in obtaining information, curation of prefered sources, and a fun and engaging method to obtaining information (rather than hunting for it).


“There is actually no application that is comparable to this app, Referring. Referring allows you to search information up in any setting, whether at a party (searching up Beyonce gossip) or at a bank (searching up interest rate statistics). The main competitors for this app are Google, Snapchat, and Yelp. When people search for information, they rely on a search engine (such as Google) to display their given information. However Google divides this information into news, pictures or links. This means that you must specifically choose a resource and this resource may not be curated to your media preference or sources. Another competitor is Snapchat who has companies and organizations advertising and covering the latest events. However, the information provided by these “coverages” are shallow and less informative than people are often times looking for (example: major winners of the Oscars and the show highlights). Yelp is yet another competitor who relies on reviews to list the best products and food in the area. However this product is often plagued by false reviews and often times a web search by Referring quoting critics, would be a better choice (in regards to searching food up in a certain location).

Revenue Model:

The Revenue model is similar to Snapchat. There will be a separate category for advertisements and news that a person might be interested in from companies that are interested in advertising. For example, the NY Times could offer coverage of a curated topic that the user is interested in like the war in Syria. Additionally, if a user is searching up such topics, the NY Times can offer quotes and figures along with subscription information.