Project by:

Elena Giralt; Angelo Alessio; David Wolitzer

High Concept Statement: 

Never forget a name again.





Need or Demand:

It is hard to remember names when you meet a lot of people in a new setting. People often say, “I’m good at faces, bad at names” to excuse themselves from the awkward feeling of forgetting someone’s name. Often the trouble with remembering names is that you don’t know who’s names you forgot until you are right in front of them.

Organizations, such as universities and employers, have to onboard a lot of people at the same time. These organizations want to build a community among their members to increase collaboration and productivity. These organizations need their members to remember each other.

Product / Service / Solution:

RememberMe addresses a problem we all face: people have trouble remembering people they meet in large settings. Using an organization’s member directory, the app will generate quizzes with people’s photos and names. Users will be able to learn names in a quick, anonymous, trackable way. Unlike silly icebreakers and typical name-learning devices, our product helps individuals track their progress through gamification. No one has to be “bad at names” again.

Value Proposition:

People feel more valued and respected when someone remembers their name. In business, remembering a name can make or break a deal and is more important than a firm handshake. RememberMe allows users to foster quality connections from the onset of relationships by using simple quizzes with photos to help people remember names better of people they have met.

The app encourages user engagement because all of the directory information is already populated. They can download the app and begin playing right away. Onboarding for this app is minimal. The ongoing value of RememberMe is that the platform can extend beyond the , community that it was initially implemented in. Users would then be able to add new contacts in their professional and social circles to continue to be more effective at remembering names and ultimately build stronger relationships.

Further value proposition down the line includes extending the RememberMe platform to other industries such as medical facilities and government agencies.


We found several apps designed to help people remember names. These direct competitors have different approaches and drawbacks. Existing apps like Nameorize and Namerick use descriptions and mnemonic devices but they do not use photos. Apps like Nameshark allow users to create quizzes with photos but the user must upload all the information manually, creating a cumbersome and laborious onboarding process. Some of these apps cost between $1-$2 to download and others have an ad-based revenue model.

RememberMe differentiates itself from competitors by partnering with organizations or universities instead of solely considering the individual users. RememberMe uses the organization’s directory inputs to populate photos and details of the people into the game so that users will be able to quickly and effectively start memorizing names without the need for manual input. Furthermore, RememberMe implements both photos and mnemonic devices to more effectively enable the user to remember names quickly and effectively.

Revenue Model:

There are two types of RememberMe users. Organizations (universities, businesses) are the administrators and students/employees are the end-user. Administrators will be charged a subscription fee on annual basis. The fee will be based on the number of new end-user downloads of the application within that year. There will be multiple levels of subscription based on the number of end-user downloads within a year. Each level of subscription will be charged a different rate, which will decrease as the number of potential end-users increases. The rate will decrease as the number of users increases to incentivize large organizations and growing organizations to continue paying for the app.

Example Revenue Model :
Level 1: 0 – 100 downloads within 1 year @ $5/user
Level 2: 100 – 500 downloads within 1 year@ $4/user
Level 3: 500 – 1000 downloads within 1 year @ $3/user
Level 4: 1000 – 5000 downloads within 1 year @ $2/user
Level 5: 5000 – Unlimited downloads within 1 year @ $1/user