Project by:

Jai Rathore

High Concept Statement: 

A search engine with customized filters that lists past and ongoing research in academia/universities for users to easily get in touch with the researchers. “Indeed for research hunt”





Need or Demand:

There are students who are in need for a search engine which briefly lists all the current or past research projects within a specific field done by research faculty of universities.

Product / Service / Solution:

This need can be fulfilled by a quick search tool, that would list all the current and past scientific research based on key words, and allow users to easily contact the faculty that partakes in such specific research.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value from this solution is to save time for a student looking for a professor who works in a specific research field, by eliminating initial time-consuming search work for users by perusing through a million scientific articles.


The primary competitor would be Google Scholar which lists published articles and research findings. However, SciSearch allows users to search for ongoing or past scientific research in a specific field, with a filter (area, labsize, timeline) that provides a more precise result to the query.

Revenue Model:

Universities would pay a subscription fee per faculty who are listed on the SciSearch.