Project by: 

James Shafer; Alex Gleeson

High Concept Statement: 

It’s 9:30 on Saturday night in the East Village…where do you go for a drink?  Who’s at your favorite bar?   SCOPE answers these questions, providing real-time data on patronage at your favorite nightlife establishments.




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

The number one question for nightlife goers is “who’s inside the bar.”  People have a need for this knowledge – it helps them choose a spot for the night and eliminates the wasteful time and money bar-hopping to find the right crowd.

Product / Service / Solution:

These needs can be fulfilled by providing real-time information on the patrons within bars and clubs.   Users of SCOPE create profiles with pictures and voluntarily check-in to the bar or club they are patronizing.

Value Proposition:

There are two “customers” of this app:  the individual users and the nightlife businesses (bars and clubs).  The users derive value from being able to identify the right crowd for the evening and selecting the right place to party…businesses derive value from being able to increase foot traffic / sales by being registered on the app, thereby encouraging patronage (and having the ability to offer deals, specials, etc. to users who attend the business and check-in).


LOOOP is very similar but lacks the real-time profile view feature of SCOPE.

Revenue Model:

Bars and clubs will pay a registration fee; user’s will pay a one-time download fee and then upgrade fees with additional special features.