Project by: 

Ethan Singh

High Concept Statement: 

It’s the Amazon for everything Amazon can’t sell. In other words, it’s a market place for social media and video game accounts. A social media “Influencer”, regardless of the platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and size of the account (100 followers to 100 million followers) can sell their account in a safe, mediated, step verified method without worrying about disclosing their information or identity to someone who could misuse their identity (Media or Hackers). They can also use the same method to “sell” a sponsored post on their account.





Need or Demand:

Facebook groups, Twitter Accounts, Instagram Accounts, Snapchat accounts and numerous other types of social media accounts have value. Unless you’re a large name or have many tens of thousands of followers, a famous blog, or some other element, the chances of you gaining any monetization out of your account is difficult. My app would create a market place to help efficiently assign a value to those accounts that they deserve (and less of just a guess), make the marketplace more fair and less top heavy, safely enable transactions, as well as make the market of social media accounts less dependent on shadowy/elite agencies. So yea, definitely a need.

Product / Service / Solution:

With a marketplace that social media influencers (even if they are tiny) can list themselves, they can help to better fund and profit off their dreams of being a famous YouTuber/Snapchatter/Instagrammer/etc. It’ll also get them better exposure to big brands who wouldn’t give them the time of day unless they were a part of some agency.

Value Proposition:

There is a great value proposition for several types of potential users. From one perspective, up and coming YouTubers and other social media channel influencers, as well as more established ones, can create a source of income to support their hard work and effort in their videos and posts. On the other side, companies looking to make an impact by reaching a specific community can engage with a specific influencer’s audience as a part of a more targeted social media campaign. In addition to that, new companies or new influencers who want to begin their career or company with an established media presence can buy a social media account and get a head start.


Just the broken system of agencies that only accept you if you’re already famous, big, and your audience already considers you a sell out.

Revenue Model:

It’ll be a simple marketplace business model where we’d take a premium off of every sale. From research, that number should be between 5 and 20 percent. That’ll be determined through A/B testing once the platform hits a decent mass.