Project by: 

Filip Mlekicki; Simon Sheridan; Ian McGillivray; Andrew Borstein

High Concept Statement: 

SkateSomething brings skateboarders together by providing a platform to connect and share their experiences with the greater skateboarding community. Think Four Square met Angie’s List and there kid was really into skateboarding.





Need or Demand:

Only a small percentage of the million or so people who pick up a skateboard for the first time this year will continue skating. Only a smaller portion of those people who continue skating will truly progress in the sport.  As a group of experienced skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts our team understands that while every first time skateboarder has big dreams, it is usually the ones who get the most support and access to quality skate parks that progress the farthest. This is true for both new and experienced skaters alike and is often the catalyst for many positive and enduring relationships.

Product / Service / Solution:

We want to provide a platform to help cultivate this community and help skaters get the support that they truly value. We will do this in a number of different ways however the main features driving our value proposition will include.

•Trick Tutorials: How-to instructions and videos to teach skate tricks

•Skate Lessons: A way of connecting new and experienced skaters through paid lessons or free mentorship.

•Skate Spots: A searchable/filterable map and list for saving, organizing and sharing public and private skate spots.

•Photos/Videos: Ability to post, rate, share, comment and “like” user photos.

•Contests: Local and worldwide contests to keep skaters engaged with their sport and provide recognition for even the most novice of skaters.

•News feed: Trending skate industry news to keep the community informed and connected.

•Skate Shops: A unique way of connecting skaters and local skate shops.

Having just recently completed a working prototype as a web-application, ( we are extremely excited about the opportunity to build upon our current site with a mobile application. As customer interviews have told us our number one issue is a lack of a native mobile application, we feel this opportunity will help us bridge the gap needed to begin attracting users. As we also understand this feature set will need to be implemented over time we are confident we understand our minimum viable product and will be able to use this opportunity to develop a successful business.

Value Proposition:

While our value propositions ultimately differ per user segment the following are some of our high-level value propositions, ranked in order of importance to the typical skater.

1.Seamlessly connect to the skateboarding community.

2.Organize, share and discover new skate spots

3.Progress in the sport by learning new tricks or working with a skate instructor.

4.Share your skate knowledge with others and earn money doing it.

5.Compete with users within your skill level for recognition and prizes


While there are now a number of different skateboarding related apps (see the list below), they mainly focus on adding photos to existing skateboarding locations. Our app will take a unique approach focused on connecting the community by providing support to both existing and new skateboarders. Through this approach we will create some unique revenue channels, facilitating a marketplace helping skaters connect to experienced instructors.

• SkateSpots

• Shreddit

• WeRide

• BlackBook

• SkateMapsApp

Revenue Model:

We are currently exploring several revenue models. We will utilize information from upcoming interviews of users using our prototype to help vet and prioritize these models.  Some of our monetization strategy ideas are:

•A fee for connecting skateboarders to skate instructors.

•An online shop for SkateSomething merchandise.

•Targeted advertising on the website, not mobile app.

•Mobile in-app purchases for user profile upgrades or content packs

•Advanced advertising via brand take overs (e.g. Nike day, or Volcom sponsored skate park).

•Skate shop featured pages and large map icons plus in-app advertising based on location.  A regular spot location is free.

•User data from Facebook or Google login paired with our location and other data.

•User donations.