Project by: 

Ankit Singh; Rene Tianco

High Concept Statement: 

Stapler is a messaging app that lets you easily talk to other performers and professionals as you expand the network of people you know.




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

1. Need for a hassle-free exchange of contact Information.

It’s either business card. Or you give email. Or you hand your phone to someone. Or you add them to your social network in front of them.

All of these ways are inefficient and a pain point for most individuals.

2. Need for a Quality and not Quantity based contacts in your Social Network.

A social network where most of your contacts are not responsive and unhelpful diminish your ability to gain full advantage of such medium.

3. Need for a responsive Messaging Service.

Product / Service / Solution:

A Social Networking App where

1. You add people based on immediate-proximity, just like handing out business card.

2. Subject based Messaging service that require a response. Messages include a subject to make them precise. If you open a message you have to either reply or respond with when you are going to reply.

3. A custom-resume based interactive profile where you highlight the features you consider most important and can go in depth with the timeline of your progress.

Value Proposition:

Stapler users will be able to create and maintain a community of individuals around them who could offer support to their career. Eventually (after gaining traction), Stapler customers will be able to boost their career by promoting themselves in their geographic community.


Following are the products that are similar to us :

1. LinkedIN, Zuloc(Matching Companies and Job seekers with Ideal companies based on Culture and fit)

2. IM : Xros(WhatsApp for Business), Caliber 2.0(IM for LinkedIN)

3. For Networking Event : WeBeam (Your Personal assistant at networking events),  SummitSync(Tinder for networking events,

4. To meet people : Rive(Lets you know which contact is nearby), Networkr(Tinder for business), Shapr(New way to network and meet inspiring professionals), CityHour

5. Switchboard(Community based classifieds)

6. NextSociety (Foursquare for professionals)

7. Business Card: Aqua (Share your social card, not your business card)

8.Facebook (when used a networking medium by performers)

Stapler is not a job site or a way to help you meet people, it is not an assistant for networking event either. The one competitor stapler very closely resembles to is how performers use Facebook (for networking). Stapler lets you add people just like exchanging business card, It features a custom resume as a profile and its messaging demands response. But unlike Facebook we are proximity based and contacts in your network on Stapler are established on a personal touch point of having met the person, thereby making for a more engaging messaging and networking app.

Revenue Model:

Our Revenue strategy requires us to gain traction first. After gaining a healthy amount of users we would turn a percentage of them into customers as we unveil a premium YellowPages service where you can search for top professionals based on their careers. In the YellowPages service you can also search and add premium groups you can enter whereby if any networking event is held nearby you can pay for the event on stapler.