Project by: 

Jinpu Yang; Bo Liang; Yu He

High Concept Statement: 

SurpriseMeal makes smart decisions of food based on users’ personal preferences and behaviors. With one click, SurpriseMeal will choose, order and arrange delivery of food for user. SurpriseMeal is like “Pandora of Meal”.




Food & Drink

Need or Demand:

We believe there are many customers who dislike taking time to browse through lists of restaurants and menus choosing what to have for a meal. There is market for an APP to decide what food to have for users with one click. So it saves time and energy for users, especially those tend to be indecisive about their food. i

Product / Service / Solution:

We build algorithm and artificial intelligence engine to learn customers’ food preferences and behaviors, and make smart recommendations accordingly.
The SurpriseMeal will also Incorporate placing the order and arranging the delivery with one click.
In addition, we keep the recommendation as a surprise, so going out or ordering in would be a simple, effortless and fun process.

Value Proposition:

1. It’s simple and effortless. We allow customers to enjoy a “Personalized Catering” service without the sweat of searching and picking. Our backstage platform will be designed as an artificial intelligence (AI) engine which can make the best dining recommendations catering to customer’s own personal taste bud.
2. It’s fun! The food is a surprise. Customers won’t know what they are having until they open the delivery package.


Our main competitors will fall into two different categories. The first and biggest competitors are the food delivery Apps, such as “Seamless” and “Grubhub”. The second type of competitors are the rating Apps, such as “Yelp” and “Urbanspoon”.
The most distinguishing feature of our solution to existing solutions is that “We make the decision about dining for you, and you will like it!”. The competitors will be like “iTune” (Seamless) v.s. we are like “Pandora” (SurpriseMeal).

Revenue Model:

At the early stage, our main resource of revenue will be the transaction-based commission fees, similar to most food delivery Apps.
At the late stage, other revenue channels can be exploited such as ad fees, meal plans, depending on our future users base and the robustness of our AI engine.