Project by: Antonio de la Mata

High Concept Statement: 

Uber for Messenger in LatAm





Need or Demand:

I believe there are companies and people in LatAm who have a need of a technology in which they can request people to pick up and deliver errands for them.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing an application in which companies/users can request packages, items, etc. to be delivered to people, places and companies. In tis application the most important value will be the possibility of tracking the package, on-demand service and business reporting.

Value Proposition:

The #1 value customers want to derive from this solution as well as additional benefits include the ease of seeing the status of the delivery and being able to complete the errands on-demand and quick. Currently most of this is done by phone with no option of tracking the status of the delivery.


In the USA we can see competitors like Uber Rush, TaskRabbit, Postmates and Caviar. In LatAm, specially Puerto Rico, there is no service like this. All company errands are ran by motorcycle couriers that take orders by phone. Loggi is a competitor from Brazil, but currently poses no threat to PR and LatAm countries.

Revenue Model:

We will make money by charging a fee on all errands processed through our platform.