Project by: 

Michael Lema

High Concept Statement: 

Business Cards for phones




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

Business cards are not as needed as before. What happens if you meet someone unique but cannot get a hold of them before they leave? Don’t waste the hassle of getting someones number. Now, you can exchange contact information in seconds. An app that runs in the background of your phone that can quickly be opened when you want to share your information to someone you just meet. It will only share the simple things, not how many friends you have or how many likes, rather it would only share your name, number and one line to describe yourself (occupation).
How will it work? You and the person you just met must have the app. If you want to share your information you open the app and it will display a unique code (Qr code). The other person, if in a hurry, cannot open up the app and wait for the app to run, rather will use the camera to take a photo of the QR code. Later, the person can upload the QR code on the app and have the person’s information. It’s simple and quick.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe all that is needed is implementing the idea outside the application itself. It will be quick to exchange contact information with someone new. It isn’t about finding the person you just met on Facebook or other social medias but rather, right there at that moment. Sharing information faster than the way it is done now.

Value Proposition:

Faster communication. It doesn’t stop from just receiving another’s contact but rather more than sharing. It will be about meeting people in front of you and around you.


Any other social media

Revenue Model:

ADS of course. But ADS suck. This app is not yet about money. It is only an idea.