Project by: Mara Kelly

High Concept Statement: 

Totlink is a technology and a service that will connect expecting and new parents based on due dates/ birthdates and GPS. Members will be able to join a group or rather ‘village’ and get to know other parents at targeted social events as well as through attending various classes targeting pregnancy, birth, and early childhood. Totlink is an app that is analogous to a mix between a dating app, such as Match or Bumble, and Class Pass. It is a one stop shop for any new parent.




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

New parents in the US are struggling. They feel isolated and unsupported. There is unfortunately a systemic lack of practical and emotional support to help new parents, especially mothers, adjust to their new lives. Local information and connection is often disseminated ad hoc and only learned through word of mouth. There is no national system or service that enables emotional and practical support as it specifically pertains to pregnancy, birth, and early childhood.

Product / Service / Solution:

Totlink will create a world where no new mom feels isolated and alone. It will be the premier national support service for new parents. Whether an expecting/ new parent has moved to a new town/ city or have lived in the same place for years you will be able to tap in to a local community of other parents – as well as have access to targeted classes and resources. There are four membership options based on the due date or age of the child. Members will be placed into groups or “villages” and will have access a schedule of optional classes and social connections. 1) Expecting Parents: Build a support group in advance through access to social events and customized classes 2) New Mom Group (0-12 months) Build a support group with your baby and attend customized classes 3) New Dad Group (0-12months) Build a support group with your baby and attend customized classes 4) Play Group/ Moms & Dads (1-3 Year Olds): Connect with Moms/Dads and Toddlers through a structured playgroup with access to a calendar of targeted class and activities.

Value Proposition:

Customers will be part of a community, both locally and nationally, that are experiencing the same life transition in the messy world of parenthood. They will be able to have both social and practical support with Totlink. Totlink will match parents in local areas and enable social connections that are often more difficult to when you first become a parent. By joining a local group or “village” the awkwardness and ‘date-like’ atmosphere of a one – on-one meeting is removed. Friends can be made more naturally through a group setting. Totlink will also enable access to local support, resources, and classes. In addition, through the app, new parents can connect with other new parents based on the age or due date of their baby. Message boards will enable parents to ask questions, discuss, and support one another.


New parents often have either an overabundance of information or opportunity for connection or very little depending on where they live. Parents use Meetup.Org or Facebook groups to meet and share information but in urban areas this can be a bit overwhelming. In Manhattan there are numerous New Mom Meetup groups (ie First time UWS moms has 5728 members; New Mom Social Circle Uptown has 1355 members). The Facebook group for UES moms, which has over 22,000 members, is a tool to share anything from a health question to recommending a nanny and selling furniture. Whereas, in less dense areas, such as Stamford CT, there are often no Meetup or Facebook groups. There are local new mom groups, run by hospitals or local organizations, but it is very ad hoc and often learned through word of mouth. There is currently no direct competitor – however, this is a space that will inevitably be more crowded as the millennial generation, which is heavily reliant upon streamlined digital solutions, are becoming parents. In the past six months two “mom dating apps” – Peanut and Mush – have been launched in the UK. Both apps link local moms to one another based on child’s birthday. Totlink is differentiates itself by also targeting expecting parents and being inclusive of dads. As well as by offering the practical support and infrastructure.

Revenue Model:

Totlink is based on a membership model. Members will pay a monthly fee to have access to Totlink’s resources, network, and classes. Each membership group has a different fee. – Expecting Parents $12/ Month – New Mom Group $12/ Month – New Dad Group: $12/ Month – Play Group/ Moms & Dads: $7/ Month In the attached Growth Projection the numbers conservatively assume members will pay $10/ month (assuming discounts/promotions). The number of users grow from 10,000 in the first year to 150,000 over 5 years. These projections do not yet include revenue from data or app monetization.