Project by: Guy Brearey, Abhinav Saxena, David Wolitzer

High Concept Statement: 

Networking Interaction Tracker





Need or Demand:

During recruiting, both MBA and Undergrad, students meet tens or even hundreds of professionals. During these interactions, key information about the company will be discussed and mutual connection points will be established. This information goes well beyond what is on a business card and the key points will be different for each interaction. Students then use this information during the recruiting process to build and strengthen relationships, in their applications and to help them make decisions on their career trajectories. The need is both following one-on-one conversations, large networking events and at conferences. There is a need to record interaction information accurately, quickly in one place otherwise data can easily be lost or forgotten. Additionally, there is a need to recall this information quickly and often on the go. An example is meeting someone new from a company, where a student will likely be asked who at the company they have already met. The ability to recall this clearly, accurately and with supplementary details could be the difference between standing out, or not, and even the difference between getting a job, or not.

Product / Service / Solution:

An app to allow candidates to track recruiting interactions including; who they have met, where they met them, what they talked about, the subject of follow up emails and next steps in the process. The app allows for information input, storage and recall.

Value Proposition:

Users will be able to store information quickly, which increases the amount, and quality, of information that will be documented. Users will be able to securely document information that is not on a business card or LinkedIn, such as thoughts and key discussion topics and users will be able to quickly recall information, as required, on the go. It is hard to ensure that each conversation picks up where the last left off and key details are remembered. Tracktion will make that possible. This will increase the quality of future interactions and provide users with a competitive advantage during the recruiting process.


We are not aware of any specific competitors in this space.

Revenue Model:

We believe this app has potential to appeal to the following initial audiences. – Recruits (initially students, but eventually anyone job searching) – University Career Offices – Employers The proposed revenue approach is a purchase fee. Subscription, advertising and selling to institutions were all considered and will be reviewed in detail during the next phases. The purchase fee approach was selected because of the typical duration of university recruiting. Users will not typically engage for a duration of more than 6-12 months and there will be frequent customer acquisition with each new academic year.