Project by: 

High Concept Statement: 

Music + Space + Time = Interactive Music Distribution





Need or Demand:

This app is for the artist that wants to get creative with their music distribution. With Troubadour, they will be able to release their music using geo-location, which means that they will have control over where and when it is released. This is great if they want to promote a show by giving a one-off special release to the people that attend the show. This app will create a more fulfilling and intimate experience between the artist and their audience.

Product / Service / Solution:

We will provide unique music sharing experience between artist and audience. It will connect people to both live music and the artist playing it simultaneously.

Value Proposition:

The artist will have a fully customizable platform to share their music using geo-location.


No alternatives.

Revenue Model:

The app will be sold to the artist.