Project by: 

Anmol Monga; Juan Carlos Sanchez Herrera; Quanyan Zhu

High Concept Statement: 

Our app matches your dietary restrictions/preferences and what’s on offer on restaurant menus. Stop worrying about understanding cumbersome menus, menus that are written in foreign languages, or in over elaborate prose. Get your menu matches instantly: focus on choosing from what you can eat: whether you are vegan, have been diagnosed with diabetes, or are focusing on losing weight. Our app will seamlessly match your choices with your profile.




Food & Drink

Need or Demand:

We believe that by putting information at your fingertips you can make better food choices. Oftentimes gathering information on nutrition is cumbersome and contradictory: it gets too overwhelming. Our easy to use app will provide you with information that can make your life easier as we match your dietary restriction/preferences and what’s on the menu.

Product / Service / Solution:

You take a picture of the menu with your smartphone. The app recognizes the food items on offer in the menu. It matches the ingredients corresponding to the menu and displays it to you based on food preference and dietary restrictions. It advises you what you should and shouldn’t eat by highlighting the dishes that you should order, making your life easier.

Value Proposition:

We are focusing on users that have dietary concerns or restrictions. We want to provide them with easy to access information that makes their food choice at restaurants appropriate for their restrictions.

1) Personalizing the order recommendation to the customer based on dietary restriction, Health hazards, Exercise regiments etc.
2) Providing a personal and automated server at fingertips all the time.
3) Does not rely only on the restaurant menus uploaded online to recommend food items. We simply click a picture and then the app does a real time Natural Language Understanding to define the ingredients in the food item. Based on it we recommend items based on consumer profile.


We have a number of competitors who rely on online menus and the customer reviews like Yelp, Ellisapps,Healthwise champions. We wish to make a more personal food recommender which provides complete automation of food recommendation including translating the menu for you and highlighting the dishes that are appropriate based on your dietary restrictions.

Revenue Model:

1) Free trial for consumers who are use the app, then we will charge them a monthly membership
2) On the supply side we will partner with restaurants so they can be sponsored on our app. The restaurants will have an incentive as it will drive more traffic to their locations. We can advertise a particular restaurant to users with certain dietary restrictions. For example: this restaurant is vegan friendly, or this restaurant is paleo friendly, this restaurant offers menus for consumers who have been diagnosed with diabetes, among others. We will charge restaurants if they want to be sponsored.