Project by: Max Schachere, Arjun Gheewala, Demetrius Beckham, Karan Magu

High Concept Statement: 

Flipboard for music





Need or Demand:

We believe there are people who have both a need and desire to 1) listen to all of their music, from whatever source, seamlessly and 2) have their music curated

Product / Service / Solution:

Our app will be guided by one basic principle: music should be easy and fun to listen to. Union will combine sources from all major music streaming services, including, but not limited to, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Google Music, and Apple Music. The user will be able to seamlessly play music, create playlists, and download songs from whichever source he/she chooses, all within the app (provided they have a subscription where necessary). Furthermore, the crux of Union lies within the framework of curation which we build around it. By combining the music from all these sources, we can provide a music listening experience unrivaled by any other app on the market. Curation will not only be able to highlight what’s popular within the community of Union users, but also present the user with music from different eras and genres. Union expands the universe of music the user loves and also pushes the user out of his/her comfort zone – so they can discover something they never knew they loved.

Value Proposition:

The number one value customers want to derive from this solution is being able to discover music from whatever source they wish. Additional benefits include, but are not limited to, happiness, satisfaction, forgiveness, and youth.


As far as we know, there are no apps available for iPhone that can combine music from multiple sources. On Android and online, there is an app called Tomahawk that somewhat accomplishes this, but is riddled with bugs and has been out of development for at least a year, possibly two. When it comes to curation, obviously Spotify has made impressive strides in the past few years with their service. However, this is limited to the Spotify library and we believe it is not comprehensive enough of a curation. The curation is purely based on user behavior, but we would tailor ours to not only behavior but also a personal, lifestyle questionnaire. Furthermore, through the process of compiling and mining of large data, we can deliver a unique experience to the user that is unrivaled.

Revenue Model:

Seamless ads that fit into the app. No sound ads, only ads that appear visually on screen when browsing. We aim to primarily source the ads from music companies. Also freemium features – using the app to combine sources will be free, but advanced tailoring of music (i.e. personally done by someone) will be a subscription fee.