Project by: Grace Larkin, Sabrina Santiago, Sara Laufer

High Concept Statement: 

“A map of your city’s best trash”





Need or Demand:

As New Yorkers, everyday we see quality, interesting and valuable pieces of furniture discarded on the street. From chairs, to art, to computer screens. From students moving in to people on a budget we believe many people have a desire to find free, unique furniture. People need a way to efficiently find and browse these discarded pieces that are commonly seen on the curbsides of various cities.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe this need can be met with an app that includes a virtual map of a city, with user-generated pinpoints that mark the locations of street furniture and various objects. The app will allow users to upload pictures and a short description of an item when they place it on the street themselves or just pass by it. Other users can then scroll through these and locate the item if they’re interested. VULTUR also allows those who want or need to let go of quality pieces to have a platform to find someone who might appreciate and bring home the item.

Value Proposition:

VULTUR can attract people not only for a practical purpose of furnishing their space but also for the “thrifty” community. Users can post anonymously or with a profile, which could offer a social component to the app promoting communities in neighborhoods and cities.


The main competitor would be a service like Craigslist, where people list services and items for free and for a set price. VULTUR is specific and simple to navigate. The user doesn’t need to contact a seller, but can go straight to the item. All of the items on VULTUR are guaranteed to be free, making it preferable over acquiring used furniture from a thrift or antique store.

Revenue Model:

We foresee our revenue streams coming from advertisements on our app and potential partnerships with services such as UBER and LYFT to help people move pieces.