Project by: Rahul Chabria, Xikun Yuan, Andrew Keller

High Concept Statement: 

Application that allows the user to trigger commands on their phone with their thoughts





Need or Demand:

We believe this application is needed in the market for two sectors of the population: (1) individuals that are disabled and cannot use motor function to control their devices and (2) users that are active and want to trigger commands on their phone while doing an activity (i.e. someone running and wanting to send a message). We think the ability to trigger commands on your phone with your thoughts is a huge advantage for the accessibility market. Disabled individuals could use voice activation, however in many settings where the environment is too noisy, they need an alternate way to interact with their devices.

Product / Service / Solution:

This product is two-fold: (1) a device is needed to monitor each user’s neuron patterns and (2) an application must be created to then accept those neural patterns and trigger commands on the phone. My team and I have already created a very inexpensive headset that uses EEG technology to scan the change in neurons in the user’s motor cortex of their brain. This device is created by a couple of custom electrodes and a map of wires all leading to the circuit board. The last thing we need to make this a possibility is an application to accept the data and then trigger commands in the phone.

Value Proposition:

Our value proposition is very unique. We are offering iPhone users a chance to interact with their phones without the need of touch and voice. This application, coupled with our novel headset, will truly expand the capabilities of not only the smartphone but also the user themselves. Having the ability to trigger commands through thought patterns is something that is completely novel. With this application, we will enter a completely untapped market.


Currently, there are no competitors that are creating a consumer-friendly EEG device that can monitor the user’s thought patterns and then trigger commands on their phone. This concept is completely novel and we plan to file a provisional patent for this idea. There are some companies, such as BrainBit and Muse, that have created headsets and iPhone apps to monitor mood and brain activity for the purpose of meditation. But no company has taken this technology to the next level to allow for control of your iPhone with your thoughts.

Revenue Model:

Our revenue model is centered around the sale of the iPhone application and the headset. Ideally users will be buy the application and headset together and use our product with their iPhone and computers.