Project by: 

Brian Choi; Brandon Altman

High Concept Statement: 

A platform that connects coders and developers with young entrepreneurs that have an idea, but the technical skills to make that idea a reality





Need or Demand:

making connections with others who have the skill-sets that they seek, I personally have had issues with finding skilled individuals whose passions aligned with mine

Product / Service / Solution:

a platform that allows young entrepreneurs with educated individuals who speak coding and developing languages

Value Proposition:

making connections with others that would not have been made by physical newworking.


We would provide a unique chat feature that keeps the anonymity of people, for the time until they connect to truly allow people to connect, and then allowing for their true name to be revealed so that the project that move forward

Revenue Model:

Possibilities: Creating premium features and connections; or taking a small percentage of equity for every business created through Webz