Project by: Alejandra Palafox, Grace Lee, Claudia De la Guerra, Diana Castro

High Concept Statement: 

WEGI is an App that connects student entrepreneurs with a Network of students willing to barter different sets of skills and services. The App will have profiles that contain a picture, skills or services offered /needed, a visual resume, common contacts and reviews. This App is the “Tinder for service exchange”.





Need or Demand:

There are 92 million millennials, 66% of which would like to start their own business. This is the most entrepreneurial generation. Some of these entrepreneurs have great ideas that can not come to life due to the lack of resources, they need a network of people with different skills to make it happen.

Product / Service / Solution:

WEGI will provide student entrepreneurs with a network of users willing to barter services. WEGI will connect the ideas with the skills and promote an exchange of services without the need of big budgets.

Value Proposition:

Student Empowerment Convenience- Simplifies the bartering process Cost Abatement Accessibility- easy access to multiple services


Although there are currently many Barter Apps such as Barterss, Bartercard, IMS Barter among others these are B2B and not targeting the needs of the young student entrepreneur community. Simbi is another barter app but the range of services offered is too wide and not focused on our target.

Revenue Model:

Users will pay for a membership that will allow them the use of the App which is free to download in the App store.