Project by:

Shalom Igwe; Deborah Onakomaiya

High Concept Statement: 

MeetUp for International College Students




Social Networking

Need or Demand:

I believe that there is a need for this social platform because the first contact of International college students with American society is at orientation and most times they face a certain level of acculturative stress. Therefore, a social network or support system that connects new international students to more established international students will help reduce the impact of culture shock and make their transition into the American society easier.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe the solution will provide a certain level of social support for international students as well as connect them to the right resources they need to navigate the American social and educational system.

Value Proposition:

The most important value this solution would add is to create a safe space where international college students can connect, network and build lasting relationships. They are also able to share their problems as well as connect with people who share the same cultural beliefs and values.


Facebook is a primary competitor as it is a well established social networking site but my solution will be streamlined to have exclusively international students where their needs can be catered to as opposed to the cluster-based networking platform that Facebook provides.

Revenue Model:

This is a social venture and the basic metric to track impact would be a reduction in acculturative stress and also impact on behavioral and psychological habits. Studies have shown that acculturative stress significantly impacts the health of an individual negatively most times culminating into mental disorders   as well as negative behavioral habits like alcohol binging and smoking.