Project by: Olutosin Fashusi

High Concept Statement: 

Foursquare for media (TV shows, movies, online videos, podcasts, music, books, blogs, websites etc)





Need or Demand:

“The number of scripted TV shows nearly doubled between 2010 and 2015, jumping from 216 to 419, largely due to offerings from online services such as Netflix and Hulu and pay-TV companies, John Langraf, the CEO of FX Networks, told The New York Times. “ source: . We live in an amazing time for media, from video (TV shows, movies, online videos), to audio (podcasts, music) and print (books, blogs, websites). There’s a significant increase in the total number of content available making it difficult for individuals to easily discover which from this large collection fits their likes and interests. I strongly believe there are people who desire an efficient way to discover content that they’d enjoy and find value in.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing a mobile app that pushes recommended content to users based on their likes, interests and social recommendations.

Value Proposition:

whatto saves users time from discovering content that fits their likes and interests as well as pushes users content that they will find find interesting and rewarding based the whatto algorithm. For example, instead of watching 20 movies trailers on youtube before deciding what to watch on Netflix, whatto pushes users movies that they would most likely find interesting in based on their whatto profile.


whatto’s primary competition is discovery or crowdsourcing through social media. whatto would be preferred over this because it’s a focused platform for discovery while social media contains much more other non-discovery related content such as vacation photos and political posts)

Revenue Model:

whatto’s monetization strategy is to charge users a monthly subscription fee to be premium subscribers. To demonstrate value add users can get five free recommended content provided to them a month but to experience the total value of the platform and received unlimited recommendations, users must be premium subscribers.