Project by: Steve Malkowicz, Jae Lee, Dong-Ha Lee

High Concept Statement: 

We’re what happens when Chanel meets Keurig





Need or Demand:

I went on a blind date with this cute girl and she tells me, she prefers guys who smell musky. I was obviously then thinking to myself, man, I wish I was wearing a musky scent right now. Just like we dress and act differently depending on the context, we also want to smell right for the occasion. But most people can’t afford to have multiple fragrances because they can’t afford different bottles of colognes/perfumes at the same time or it is simply a burden to carry all of them around.

Product / Service / Solution:

Our team is developing a portable app connected product, that mixes base scents from a replaceable cartridge and dispenses the new fragrance. We’re transforming the scent discovery experience from something that use to happen exclusively in stores into a tech-enabled on the go phenomenon. Additionally, we make the experience collaborative. Now sharing a scent is as easy as sending a text.

Value Proposition:

Whif empowers personal expression by allowing users to discover and wear the perfect scent for the occasion. At Whif, we’re re-imagining the fragrance bottle as a smart, social device, capable of recombining elemental scents into a unique identity.


There are no devices on the market directly competing with our product. There are several app controlled aromatic dispensers including the oPhone DUO and Jasmine from Stadler Form. However, these are more analogous to air fresheners and not targeted at the wearable fragrance market. On the wearable fragrance end of the spectrum, there are numerous in-person custom fragrance services at boutique stores and one major venture backed online player, Waft. However, none of these are tech-enabled and rely on traditional hand mixing. At Whif, we’re developing a novel first-to-market product at the intersection of these existing verticals.

Revenue Model:

We plan to sell the device, along with the free app, at or near cost for between $30-$50 and make our primary profit on the $5 cartridges which need to be replaced weekly. We project $250 in annually recurring revenue from this disposable model.