Project by: 

Erin Koen; Oliver Meeker; Chris Jameson; Josh Hall

High Concept Statement: 

Real-time music sharing and discovery. Instagram for your playlist.





Need or Demand:

We believe there are people for whom listening to music has become a solitary experience. In a time when the listening experience is dominated by earbuds, sharing and discovering music is harder than ever. Sharing headphones is neither comfortable nor convenient. Going to to a concert is fun but it can also be expensive. Algorithmic recommendations are hit or miss. Taking a screenshot and sending it to your friends is effective but clunky and ephemeral.

YoLit makes music social again. Our mobile app allows you to tune in to what your friends, favorite celebs and athletes are listening to in real-time. You can also broadcast the soundtrack of your life to the world. The constant flow of new tunes and old classics between friends, strangers, idols, and artists will reinvigorate the listening experience.

Product / Service / Solution:

We believe these needs can be fulfilled by providing access to a real-time music sharing platform that allows users to tune in to what their friends, favorite artists, and idols are listening to, as well as share what they are currently jamming on.

Value Proposition:

For music listeners who struggle to find new music, who want to follow their buddies or their idols, or who want to broadcast the soundtrack of their life, YoLit is a platform to share and discover what you’re listening to in real-time.


We have broken our competitors down into two categories:
(1) Direct: Vertigo, Lisn, Airtime, Synaptop, Houseparty
(2) Indirect: Facebook, Snapchat

YoLit has the following differentiating factors against our direct competitors:
(1) Technology – hosted entirely in the cloud with a robust backend API for delivering real-time state synchronization with an intuitive user experience. Systems are distributed for fault tolerance, high availability, and scale.
(2) UX/UI – the solutions currently available have poor UX/UI as a result of feature creep, and are not stable. Our vision for YoLit is analogous to Instagram – simple, reliable, easy to use, and awesome.
(3) Team – a highly skilled team with a diverse set of experiences, skills, and expansive networks which will allow us to innovate and scale faster than our competition

Revenue Model:

We plan to monetize the platform in two ways: (1) acting as a channel partner for the streaming services (in-app subscription sign-ups) and (2) placing sponsored streams into user feeds for advertisers, who cannot currently reach premium streaming service subscribers.