Project by: Mark Kozhin

High Concept Statement: 

App to manage and socialize our health pursuits, leading to real progress, achievement and potential rewards. Connect trainers, track progress, offer videos, create competitions, offer rewards/discounts across a broad band of products/services.




Health & Fitness

Need or Demand:

Obesity and other health issues are clearly serious concerns, with record child and adult obesity levels that lead to health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis among many others. Proper diet and exercise are clearly the best ways to combat obesity and associated health problems. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for individuals to follow through consistently on any diet and exercise regimen. Many health apps are available but I believe there are significant missing rewards and incentives for people to commit to lifelong healthy living. Everyone wants to be healthy, maintain a proper diet and consistent exercise regimen, but most are uncertain of how to do it and how to stick with it.

Product / Service / Solution:

I believe the best way to get people committed to a healthier lifestyle is to make it into a habit and I believe the right app/service can better incentivize people to stick to such a lifestyle. The trigger is there – improve ones physical and mental health to live a better quality of life. The actions that need to be taken are clear – eat better and exercise, but what’s missing are the rewards and incentives to keep people taking these actions. Having an app remind you that it’s time to workout is not nearly enough to get someone taking action. I have been in the health and wellness space for over a decade and I create my own rewards/incentives in order to stay on track with my goals, but I can use the type of app I want to develop to make this process easier, more effective and continue to keep me motivated and incentivized. There are certain basic human needs that need to be met in order to form and maintain a habit, including the need for progress, the need for certainty and the need for variety. The health app I plan to develop meets these needs in the following ways: a) Daily tracking of diet and training (inputting meals, workouts and suggesting meals/workouts) b) connecting members in a social network setting to keep each other motivated and mapping progress c) training videos and meal recipes – connecting trainers and chefs/meal delivery services d) ability to record and post pics and videos to get comments and suggestions from other members/professionals for ones fitness pursuits e) access to discounts and rewards from local vendors/businesses for meeting certain fitness goals (perfect for corporations to improve employee health). f) potential health insurance discounts for meeting certain fitness criteria

Value Proposition:

value to consumers: tracking diet and fitness goals; access to healthy meals when and where you want it; rewards and incentives for meeting health goals; creating a social network out of diet and fitness to create accountability and excitement! value to businesses: access to a vibrant and health oriented consumer base; potential partnerships with gyms to offer members meals and other services; benefits to health care service providers to better assess the health conditions of its members.


There are many health related apps but none are thoroughly connecting people and service providers to create rewards and incentives for sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Revenue Model:

There’s no membership fees, primary sources of revenue include advertisement and up sell to members from meal service providers and rewards/incentive vendors. In addition, significant value from a database of health conscious members. Finally, corporate health initiatives would benefit from such a product/service.