• THE INTERNET is accessed more often VIA mobile DEVICES than desktop.
  • New York is growing as a premier technology destination. In 2016, New York’s Silicon Alley had more startup funding applications that Silicon Valley
  • In 2017, OVER 1 billion smartphones will be sold. Twice as many as the number of personal computers.
  • NYU is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. For many, however, creating an app can be a complicated process and a financial burden – this is where we come in
  • Users spend almost 5 times AS MUCH time in apps than on their mobile browser.
  • By 2020, the app market is estimated to GROSS $80 Billion.

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With the head office in Manhattan, Messapps is an NYC Top App Development Firm that leads its clients through all the stages of the app development: from idea brainstorming to marketing planning. Messapps is a unique blend of creative designers, tech savvy developers and awesome project managers. Messapps’ developers are ranked “Experts” for their app development skills while the designers are among the best in the industry, which is illustrated by Messapps` portfolio. In the last couple of years messapps have successfully developed and launched over 100 apps.


The W. R. Berkley Innovation Lab provides programs and services that create and nurture serial innovators capable of launching and leading transformational organizations, organizations that challenge assumed boundaries and inspire a sense of what’s possible.We’re not talking about little tweaks here and there to existing products,services or business models.We’re talking about a way of thinking that surprises the market again and again with exciting, unexpected solutions. A way of thinking that produces an unconventional strategy that leaves competitors scrambling to catch up. The Lab’s broad array of initiatives include startup acceleration programs, mentoring, workshops and technical assistance, all designed to provide NYU students, alumni, faculty and staff with the skills needed to discover and execute bold new ideas. @NYUinnovation.