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Name: Irene Papajohn

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: Alumni

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Digital Gym to build Emotional Intelligence and Mental Agility: Like Headspace for EQ


Status Quo

The existing problem is that we are seeking more happiness and less stress in our lives BUT many of us never fully understood how to deal with others as adults.  We may work hard, yet still see those who have fewer hard skills climb the ladder. Many of our habits stem from our upbringing and we can’t change, what we don’t fully understand– and they can continue to hold us back in many areas of our lives.  This app will help people understand what emotions are, what their triggers are, and how they can gain better control of their emotions. It could take someone years to truly learn this discipline, but this app will pick the best of the best learnings from my experience with some of the leading thinkers and researchers in this field (full list is detailed in the supplemental section)



Currently, if customers do anything, they are turning to self-help books, or they are turning to meditation, or coaching.  Most do nothing, but they wonder why they see others with fewer skills climb up the ladder. It has been heavily researched and proven that higher EQ is a better indicator of success than IQ.  So, if this is the case, why do we only spend time cultivating IQ and problem solving skills, while we spend almost no time cultivating interpersonal agility. Also, more and more data is showing the importance of handling our own emotions and stress to prevent burnout and serious health complications.  When you ask people what their stresses are, oftentimes they are related to interpersonal issues. This app will help with that.



Existing products are very narrowly focused and don’t show the importance.  Apps like headspace focus on teaching people how to meditate and attempts to keep them going.  This app is going beyond meditation and focused on Emotional Intelligence– the intelligence that helps people to become self aware and to better understand and interact with others in a way that is most skillful.


Revenue Model

Freemium model.  There will be information for free, but online workshops and readings will be paid for


Which platform would you like to launch your app on?

Android Phone


Which category best describes your app?

Health & Fitness