Leadership Guru Book Learning Platform

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Name: Rizwan Alladin

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: Alumni

Did you enter last year?: No

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Concept Name

Leadership Guru Book Learning Platform


High Concept Statement

Your Leadership Book’s Very Own App


Status Quo

“It takes 21 days to build a habit.” People read leadership and team building books, but fail to apply the learnings in their professional lives.  Readers who are leaders fail to put into practice because books don’t provide a vehicle for integrating what you’ve read immediately into your daily routine.



Customers today normally attempt to address this need by highlighting passages (by hand or using kindle/tablet). They may take notes.  They may also leverage leadership development apps, but these are generic and based on a very limited set of leadership theories. These are marketed under the general category of leadership development.  The only exception I have found so far is “7 Habits” by FranklinCovey.



Customers/readers will prefer my product since the app is tailored and branded to a specific leadership piece.  The platform will be designed such that authors can easily integrate their specific leadership frameworks. Application-setting components can also be integrated with the device’s native apps/tools, such as Calendar, Email, and Reminder apps.


Revenue Model

There are multiple revenue streams for this app platform. 1. Authors or book publishers would fund the customization effort.  We can offer different levels of development services. We would also charge license fees to the author/publisher for each consumed license.  As the customized app would be owned by the author/publisher, they would decide the monetization strategy for the app to their readers. 2. Authors often collaborate with corporations who wish to leverage and integrate their leadership philosophies into their organizations.  These corporations would in the same fashion pay us for the platform customization (depending on level of customization) and per-user license. 3. Data can be collected and analyzed about what parts of the leadership frameworks are being applied to communicate ROI to the sponsoring corporation.   4. Advertisements can be displayed for book-related collateral or introducing the works of other leadership gurus and/or executive education programs.


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