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Name: Alitasha Younger

NYU affiliation: Global Public Health

NYU status: Graduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Customized subscription box service for sexual health and feminine hygiene products including fragrance free menstruation products and wipes, maternity pads, condoms and paraben free lubricants with entertaining wellness tips!


Status Quo

STD rates are rising in the United States and entering populations traditionally unaffected such as the case of women and syphilis- which often goes undetected and can pass to children during childbirth.  African American women are also more likely to due from AIDS than their White and Latino counterparts often due to the primary HIV diagnosis being undetected or testing delayed. With the rise of dating apps, anonymous sex and concurrent partnerships have been  major factors in these risks and makes it difficult to track and inform former partners who may have been exposed. Linking sexual health preparedness to the preparation women already have for feminine hygiene and menstruation can eliminate the stigma of sexual planning for women, empower, and prevent infection.



There are many subscription boxes for feminine care with the option to include things like snacks, teas and herbal remedies for pain. Since I aim to offer fragrance , paraben and BPA free products, I believe my primary competition would be Lola and Cora.



There is currently no subscription box service that has made the link between sexual and reproductive health and feminine care needs. My service is innovative because it offers this in a solution that is familiar, convenient and proven to succeed.  It is also empowering women to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health in a socio-political atmosphere where sexual and reproductive autonomy is under threat.


Revenue Model

I aim to get my products from a NYC- based NGO that certifies organic and safe feminine and sexual products called MadeSafe. They provide partnerships and wholesale options. I plan on offering boxes in small, medium and large sizes and  charging 9.99-19.99-29.99 per month, respectively.


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