Sweater Weather?

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Name: Dorna Mu

NYU affiliation: Gallatin

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name

Sweater Weather?


High Concept Statement

Dynamic way to keep your self and your clothes stylish and comfortable according to the weather, your friends, and your personal preferences.


Status Quo

Trying to match clothing according to numbers and a picture representing for the weather isn’t sufficient. What did you wear last time in this weather that didn’t feel too cold/hot in? Can you wear suede shoes without ruining them in the weather? How are your friends or the people in your area planning on dressing for the day? This apps aims solve the weather-wardrobe dilemma.



These days customers are looking at the weather app, trying to dress accordingly, and/or trying to see what other people either are or are planning to wear. There are a couple of similar couple of clothing-suggesting apps that are based on the weather such as Snafu, What to Wear Today, Adapt – Clothing Suggesting Service, Weather It!, and Weather Duck already up in the App Store.



Customers will prefer my product because of its personalisation, clothing-care, and social aspect, which all of which my competition lacks. My customers will be able to record what they wore and how they felt in them. This will help them make decisions customized to their preferences and find people with similar experiences so they , through sharing outfit pictures or clothing descriptions, can get inspiration of what to wear on a new day. The app will also make recommendations on clothing according to the their material and the weather so that the users stay comfortable, and their clothing in good condition.


Revenue Model

My app will be free. It will make money through ads and featured content and deals in the app. There will also be an auto-renewing subscription option to turn off all the ads in the app if the user so wishes to do so.


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