TAQADAM: Progress for Society and Science

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Name: Karina  Grosheva

NYU affiliation: Wagner

NYU status: Alumni

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name

TAQADAM: Progress for Society and Science


High Concept Statement

Companies implementing AI spend 80% of time preparing and training the data sets. TaQadam brings a seamless way of outsourcing human intelligence to client data training, who classify and bound images using a gamified Mobile App


Status Quo

Current solutions offer crowdsourcing  modality which operate as market places, whether it is CrowdFlower, ScaleAPI, or Mturk. For clients in need of data labeling for specific business domain there is no other service than TaQadam to offer AI specific data flow with outsourced human insights delivered by data trainers using their mobile devices



Spare 5 is the product of Mighty AI – a mobile tool for labeling images for the autotech: driverless car industry. The tool remains very specific, and is built on crowdsourced solution with individual workers providing their bank details.
SquadRun – is an outsourcing agency that provides its workers based in India a mobile tool for annotation.



TaQadam allows to track the performance and engagement of workers because of its gamified nature, additional learning experiences and payment QR code – thus bringing income generation opportunity to unemployed youth affected by the crisis and conflict. It also allows dynamic quality control necessary for specific AI training data.


Revenue Model

Client is charged by annotation – whether bounding box or label, the workers – annotators or data trainers – are paid out based on the reward system combining time and quality performance.


Which platform would you like to launch your app on?

Android Phone


Which category best describes your app?