Category: Contestants2


Name: Asuka Qin

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: Alumni

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 4


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Your very own music nanny, delivered through an app.


Status Quo

Young musicians easily lose focus and motivation during practicing, slowing down progress, and frustrating teachers and parents alike. Many quit even if they love music. Teachers have no visibility outside of the weekly lesson. Both parents and teachers have a need to ensure more efficient and engaging practice sessions.



There are few players in this space, especially online. Traditionally, music teachers ask parents to monitor practice and sign time sheets. Students are expected to practice alone with no professional instructions and are hardly motivated. Our primary competition includes online startups such as Tonara, an app that offers game-like rewards for playing with digital exercises. VIP practice is another app that involves live conferences between practice coaches and students, making practicing more fun through conversations.



We link nannies and students through live video conferencing and measure students’ playing across multiple dimensions (e.g., pitch, notation, rhythm) in addition to human interactions. Our teaching method is developed by Juilliard faculty and serves as a guideline for all nannies. Students’ learning progress is tracked and shared with their teachers and parents in real time.


Revenue Model

  1. Membership subscription fee for using app functions; 2. Commissions from practicing sessions with nannies; 3. White labeling for corporations


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