Food Period

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Name: Britt Martin

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Alumni

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 3


Concept Name

Food Period


High Concept Statement

Period tracking app that helps users improve their periods by gamifying helpful diet and lifestyle changes, including the use of Food Period’s CPG food products.


Status Quo

Women struggle- almost invariably- with some period-related symptom each month, from mild acne to debilitating cramping to missed periods. Worse, 1-5 American women have an endocrine disorder, heightening the severity of these symptoms. Yet, few women understand the powerful link between diet and their hormonal health.



Although period tracking apps, like Clue (the largest period tracking app), exist, they simply allow users to track their cycles; some have lifestyle tips or suggestions for improving health, but provide no practical application or incentive for women to complete or adopt these suggestions. Women who are more serious about using diet and lifestyle to improve hormonal health are often patients of naturopaths, nutritionists, or other holistic doctors.



We make improving periods fun! Not only will our app have actionable, trackable goals, which when met are rewarded, but we also allow users to create groups with friends-and-family to encourage follow-through on goals (à la Fitbit). Gamification and community differentiate us from other period-trackers; we’re a period improvement app.


Revenue Model

Food Period designs functional food products that help women have great periods, naturally. Our first product sells direct-to-consumer via a monthly subscription box service on our website (   Our revenue model is based on the sale of our products; for example, non-subscribers to our monthly box will be asked a series of questions on the app to direct them to purchase the product that is best suited for their symptoms.  Our goal is that this app will improve retention of existing customers and create an incentive for existing customers to recruit new customers (with rewards for them joining their group). We have ideas for additional revenue streams down the road, but for now we want our app to serve as a new model for how physical product companies can interact with their customers digitally- through gamification and community building- that drives retention and generates new customers.


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