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Name: Sabina Braverman

NYU affiliation: Wagner

NYU status: Graduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 5




Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Helping hospitals heal, not hurt. HealthHuddle is a platform that synthesizes vital patient information for nurses and quality improvement teams.


Status Quo

Hospital-acquired infections are the most common complication in hospitalized patients, resulting in 90,000 deaths and costs of over $36 billion to hospitals annually. Caregivers face time constraints, fragmented operating systems, and a lack of standardization, all of which contribute to a high-stress environment and a prevalence of preventable complications.



After conducting over thirty interviews with nurses around NYC, we have determined that presently, nurses remember salient information from patient records through using pen and paper, memory, and word of mouth. Although the information is accessible through EMR systems, nurses typically keep priority action items either in their heads or on papers that they carry throughout their shift. Our solution extracts information from EHR and presents critical messages through a simple interface across multiple modalities.



HealthHuddle reduces the burden of information caregivers face. By repackaging patient data into a friendly interface, our system acts as an automated assistant for information management. This ensures that critical patient information is not lost among the chaos, and allows nurses to focus on their ultimate goal: providing quality care.


Revenue Model

We plan to generate revenue by contracting with hospitals and allowing them to purchase the HealthHuddle suite on a per-seat license basis. We plan to sell the platform to hospitals and have them pay proportionally to how many users they wish to accommodate. We are proponents of this structure because it will allow hospitals to pay on a per-unit/per-wing basis and then allow them to roll out to additionally units as they see fit.


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