Leg Breaker (LB)

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Name: Maya Schnaider

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Alumni

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name

Leg Breaker (LB)


High Concept Statement

LB (Leg Breaker) is the Salesforce for actors- platform to gather, organize & analyze data for actors’ professional and personal growth.


Status Quo

Currently there is no centralized solution for actors to organize, plan and prepare for auditions, and to subsequently capture the actor’s & auditioners’ feedback. Failing to notice trends in the feedback limits an actor’s growth & success.



LB’s primary competition is AuditionCal. Actors manually enter pre-audition information and are able to record “general notes.” However, AuditionCal lacks the most important component which transforms this information into aggregated data and useful, actionable analysis.
From my personal experience, there is no widely adopted platform which is used by actors or that is integrated & supported by the handful of sites & boards which list upcoming auditions.



LB is an actor’s one-stop platform that:
-Imports & aggregates everything needed to know for a successful audition.
-Develops a professional network by tracking the companies and people interacted with.
-Transforms self-reflection into opportunities for growth and improvement.
-Promotes a positive goal oriented mindset that keeps its users engaged and excited to continue using it


Revenue Model

The primary means of revenue is through a “freemium” model. Users can download the app and sign up for a free month-long trial, after which they will be automatically enrolled in a recurring monthly membership fee. We believe that a month is sufficient time to test the various functions (data import from websites, calendar & scheduler, network development, etc.) and aggregate enough feedback and data points to appreciate the development analyzer. Furthermore, the users will be drawn in to the supportive community. Overall, we believe that this seamless experience will prove valuable and well-worth a subscription for growth-oriented actors. Additionally, we will generate revenue through partnerships. Websites & platforms which provide audition information (e.g.: Backstage.com, Playbill.com, ActorsAccess.com, etc.) would be interested in integrating into LB for additional exposure and traffic to their respective sites. As LB’s reach grows, we believe we can charge for the one-click option that imports & integrates info found on the website onto the LB app. Promoters of workshops and other services (headshots, printing services, etc) will also be drawn to LB’s community. We can monetize their advertisement through our “resource database” section.


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