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Name: Shubham Surana

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 1


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Lawyer on your Phone


Status Quo

Americans don’t know their rights. According to Newsweek, 70% of Americans didn’t know what the Constitution was and only 38% would pass a U.S. Citizenship test. People suffer because they don’t know their rights. The American Psychological Association (APA) approximates that almost 1 million criminal cases may be compromised each year in the US because suspects don’t understand their constitutional rights. MyRights is designed to help people know their rights and get them the legal help they need.



The main function of MyRights is to give users easy-to-understand knowledge about laws that are relevant to your legal issue based on user’s keywords.

MyRights does marketing for lawyers based on their practice. Services which do advertisements on mobile platforms are our strongest competitors (Facebook, Google etc.)

Additionally, Thomson Reuters’ service FindLaw is also a competitor that offers a similar service. However, MyRights tackles the problem with a novel approach.  



MyRights helps users find laws that will inform them about their legal situation on the app. The platform will be intuitive and use your phone’s GPS location to sync and display the relevant laws to your case directly where you are. Additionally, it has access to the best lawyers in the area that it can connect you with seamlessly based on the user’s keywords.  


Revenue Model

MyRights monetizes 2 things: search and data. In the short-term, lawyers will be advertised on the platform and shown to people who search keywords that are associated with their practice. In the long-term, MyRights will be able to harness data from the vast amount of searches in each area and can sell that data to a variety of industries.


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