Never Divided

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Name: Kiyomi Calloway

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 1


Concept Name

Never Divided


High Concept Statement

Underground, exclusive social network for Black Student Unions around the nation. “A People United Will Never Be Divided!”


Status Quo

How do youth activists engage their communities beyond seeing a post about, for instance, police brutality and retweeting it? “Never Divided” will provide a social platform for Black Student Unions to collaborate, publish and promote their events, mobilize their communities, and effectively fight for social justice and equality.



Black Student Unions and college students connect and promote events through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The unification of this generation’s political passions is more scattered than united. While many social networks offer students the opportunity to publicize their political efforts, there aren’t any competitive applications that offer an exclusive platform for selected groups to advertise their events and missions to each other nationwide, an exclusive means to stay connected and mobilize support for social justice.



Today’s political climate is tumultuous yet charged with youthful energy. An exclusive platform protects the organizations involved and provides a superior alternative to the troll-ridden existing options. Unity is attractive and powerful, and especially now, the youth feel the need to unite and fight for what they believe in.


Revenue Model

After events, the organizations will be asked to take surveys documenting the success of the events as well as the number of attendees; they can also send out surveys to the attendees to see their political passions following the events, which shows the success of this social network. Furthermore, event attendees can be logged into the systems of “Never Divided,” in order to build a network that allows organizations to easily send information to their peers for future events. Moreover , there will be an option to upload photographs to illustrate the success of the events and encourage future attendees to spread the word. Providing these resources will allow students to post on other social media accounts with a united front that can spark social trends and movements on alternative platforms that have been organized by “Never Divide,” which would also show the social impact of this political and social network.


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Social Networking