Category: Contestants2


Name: Oliver Cesar

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 3


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Task Rabbit for your phone allowing freelance labor on demand


Status Quo

Will address the lack of on demand for assistance and allow immediate help with any household chore or task.  No longer a need to schedule appointments with companies and waiting for a task to be resolved. No longer a limit to your demands, as this will offer 24 hour service.



Primary competition are the businesses that offer household assistance such as cleaning, landscaping, babysitting, catering, and so forth. They address the desires of legitimacy and are trusted experts that are reliable for their services.



They will prefer our product because of the availability, reduced fees, and the endless list of services we provide. The search for assistance will soon be over. On demand you will be linked to someone who is fully capable of providing the service you need at anytime.


Revenue Model

Will invest money and provide to our employees. The revenue will come off of customer usage. We will have to divide the profit by percentages between us and the employees.


Which platform would you like to launch your app on?



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