Streams of Consciousness  (SoC)

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Name: Brandon Kinard

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

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Concept Name

Streams of Consciousness  (SoC)


High Concept Statement

SoC is a modern social network with a focus on audio. SoC enables users to discover, share, and listen to audio and podcasts. (audio twitter)


Status Quo

When observing the rise of popularity in podcasts among millennial’s, it’s clear that there is a growing niche of young people who want to share socially using audio content. The traditional way to share socially using audio content is to create a podcast. However, podcasts require time, money and effort to produce. SoC is a solution for those who want to share audio content fast and easy to a community where audio is the medium for content.



The traditional way to share socially using vocal content is through podcasting However, podcasts require effort, money and time to produce. In recent times there are easier ways to host an audio podcast with the advent of Soundcloud. However that still requires a laptop, editing software, and skill. SoC makes sharing ones vocal content as easy as opening an app and recording. Other competition includes the HearMeOut app which although similar in idea is distinctly different.



SoC enables the average person, company or organization to share “streams of consciousness” with others, reducing the effort, time, money, and formality that comes with creating a podcast. Customers will prefer SoC over existing options because of its ease, design, and catering to the intellectual and art niches.


Revenue Model

SoC will make money through advertisements.SoC will be promoted at colleges and through online advertisements on social media sites targeted specifically towards our target market. A content based recommender system as well as data mining techniques will been implemented in the SoC app to keep users interested in engaging with app. soc is also fueled by current events, we highlight current events for users to discuss vocally about.


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