T.I.E. – Travel Industry Events

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Name: Hartanto Yuwo

NYU affiliation: School of Professional Studies

NYU status: Graduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 3


Concept Name

T.I.E. – Travel Industry Events


High Concept Statement

The aggregating power of Kayak & Trivago + the social networking of Facebook +  the professional networking of Linkedin + ticketing management ability of Eventbrite= T.I.E.


Status Quo

Hospitality and travel professionals alike struggle to find industry events relevant to their needs. There is a need for an industry specific social networking platform to communicate and share information, which also has a streamlined RSVP process that interfaces between email – website – email – calendar more seamlessly.



Travel professionals are overwhelmed having to use several channels to find relevant business & professional networking opportunities, while keeping up to date with new events, waitlists, registration, etc.
Based on a focus group study of 15 hospitality professionals in NYC, they find events from word-of-mouth and  company’s newsletter (if subscribed). However, there are minimal go-to free online resources that showcase professionals events’ information. The closest competitors include travelindustryresource.com, Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup, and Evite.com



A seamless process to collate relevant events, business, and professional networking opportunities. They can filter and get notified on upcoming related events. Seamless RSVP process (app connected to calendar, RSVP proof/ticket sent to email just as record). They can (re)connect with other professionals, share and discuss different topics.


Revenue Model

Advertising (Direct): Event client’s company/promotion banner, Event banner Ticket sales (Credit Card) .Paid event Feature-Based Freemium (Credit Card): No ads, Hidden profile, Open profile to other feature-based freemium members, Unlock chat with industry professionals. Customized Programs (Credit Card): Collaborate with events for private/exclusive gatherings (i.e. networking night dinner), Fast check In


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