Trader’s Square

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Name: Anthony Dike

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name

Trader’s Square


High Concept Statement

The essence of the sharing economy: a trading marketplace. Trade & Share any commodity including your time.


Status Quo

If someone has something they don’t want/need then they can trade it for something else that they find more useful. If one doesn’t have money to buy a product, then they can trade for it instead.



People are trading with their friends but their friends may not have everything they need. Competition: TradeMade, Let go, eBay



People can set the value of the commodity themselves by how much need they have for it. No money is required to acquire the commodity you want/need. Just Trade one or a few things for it.


Revenue Model

Advertising and Time Sharing


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