Travel to place where you belong and let the world know

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Name: Kumar Ramansenthil

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Concept Name

Travel to place where you belong and let the world know


High Concept Statement

Search for perfect travel destination customized recommended based on your past travel history, travel trends across the world, and season. “Netflix for travelers”


Status Quo

Audience – people who like to travel a lot.

There is no travel site which is built for travel inspirations accounting for your travel history. You can browse TripAdvisor, blogs to decide on the travel destination if you already have something in mind. There is so much travel information- can be time consuming and intimidating.



Read travel blogs, articles like “top 50 places to see before you die”, talking to friends about their past travel history. The next criteria would be look at flight prices within for multiple travel locations and selecting a place where you get cheapest flights.

For reviews, people go to Tripadvisor, travelblogs. For flight deals – hopper, Airfarewatchdog,

There are also sites around websites which provide flight fare errors deals like,



Uses AI to blend your past travel history (by scanning your photos for geo-tagging), personal profile (budget/luxury, solo/family, adventure/relaxing), travel trends across the world (web-crawling) and taking into account the travel season to provide recommendation for travel destination.

Saves you time and money because you can plan better compared to existing tools.


Revenue Model

By suggesting travel deals personalized for the user and directing them to flight/hotel booking sites.  Sharing aggregated travel data on users with travel agencies/credit card companies to create/offer better travel plans


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