Travel Tribe

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Name: Jessica Ebeling

NYU affiliation: School of Professional Studies

NYU status: Undergraduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: No

How many, including yourself?:


Concept Name

Travel Tribe


High Concept Statement

Bumble for “wanderlusters”


Status Quo

Many dream of seeing the world but are afraid to travel alone or being stuck with an awful travel companion.The app will link you ┬áby using Facebook/IG(safety purposes) with those near you and interested in visiting the same sites as you.For example: You may be new at “wonderlusting”, your friends may have seen the Eiffel tower many times but this is your first time. You can download the app, find a few matches, create your own tribe or pick only one person, set up a meeting location, venture and visit the tower.You can connect with others, meet new people and network with others with same interest as you and make your trip much more interesting. If perhaps you do not “click” with the tribe, you can say discard them after exploring and go back to your friends. if in fact, you all had a great time, dinner reservation would have to expand to a few more guests. After all traveling is about letting your adventurous spirit free while tasting new meals, learning about culture and making long lasting relationships with total strangers.



Many people do not satisfy their desire for travel to unknown places because they are afraid of doing it alone. My app will be created for adventurous travelers like myself that would benefit from an opportunity to explore the world and not be afraid to do so alone, creating a memorable and epic life time experience.
There are apps like: Solo travel subreddit, HereToMeet or Wingman with the same idea except I believe in simplicity and easy access, my app would do just that.



The app is FREE and once downloaded, it will link with with Facebook, Instagram or tweeter, maybe even google email. People do not need to fill in demographics, just pictures that kind of get your vibe and what you are about. There is a free comment box that can be updated and changed as you travel places and what you are interested in exploring. The app can create professional connections, romanticism or simply travel buddies.


Revenue Model

The app is focused on those who travel,therefore the hotel industry, airline companies, tour guides, credit cards like American express, Capital Venture and Chase would want to advertise. Photography is big to those who venture therefore Nikon, Canon etc would want to advertise as well. We can do a contest of photographs about their ventures and people can win a camera. The impact would be major in social media because younger kids would be more confident in going places and develop indolence and confidence within themselves.


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Social Networking