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Name: nadine cino

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: None

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 1


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

traXi – like the “fitbit” of stuff – your personal electronic item tracker helping  you make money and save money by renting, sharing or selling your stuff.


Status Quo

Have you ever lamented – where’s my stuff? Americans lose 9,000,000 hours daily searching for misplaced items AND forget what’s in storage AND grossly underutilize its lifecycle.  As a “stuff fitbit” traXi encourages item reuse resulting in reducing the unnecessary consumption of planetary resources, helping us all become better global citizens.



Our survey shows that more than 60% keep “stuff-lists” in their head, about 15% keep lists on their phone and 25% do nothing.  traXi provides multiple functions beyond Tile at a fraction of the cost. Tile is only an e-leash. traXi is an e-leash, a car locator and an RFID tag reader which organizes all your stuff by item and location – then stores it in the cloud so you can make money and save money.  



Customers will prefer traXi because it’s very affordable ($1.00 per traXi tag vs $25.00 per TileTag), helps people save money and make money, and reduces the unnecessary consumption of planetary resources by sharing renting bartering or selling stuff in a completely automated accountable and transparent way on the app.


Revenue Model

We will generate revenue through 2 means and a multitude of channel partners.  traXi will sell tags/fob-reader kits at affordable prices in conjunction with a cloud subscription SaaS model generating monthly recurring revenue.  We will distribute traXi through multiple channel partners such as: self-storage facilities, residential moving companies, real-estate brokers, U-Haul, e-commerce and community events.  As a social venture, we believe that reuse is the most efficient form of environmental behavior, and that traXi can, as the “fitbit of stuff”, encourage increased utilization of stuff, resulting in reducing unnecessary consumption of planetary resources.  If we succeed in reducing global consumption by as little as 1% – imagine what a WIN that would be for the planet and our future generations!


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