Two Tutors

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Name: Alexander Radu

NYU affiliation: No NYU affiliation

NYU status: None

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name

Two Tutors


High Concept Statement

Facebook and Videochat for Tutors and Students.


Status Quo

Currently available programs are both expensive and inadequate in meeting a student’s needs.  Students learn best when the age gap is eliminated between both the tutor and tutee. Students learn better when engaged with the technological advancements of their time.



The classical setting is teaching students in an open classroom with a teacher-student ratio of about 1:20.  Our competition hasn’t developed an online platform like what we picture in mind. There is a niche for us that needs to be taken advantage of.  Students lack the ambition to sit down and stare at a text book for hours. However, by engaging with a fellow student tutor, they will be able to grasp concepts more easily and excel in their studies.



Our new app will better connect students and tutors, allowing for a better course of study.  Students don’t like sitting in the traditional classroom, hearing a teacher rant about something they don’t understand.  By having a fellow colleague tutor on the other end of a screen, students will feel more engaged and willing to put hours into studying.


Revenue Model

Revenue will come from subscriptions and in-person sessions.


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