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Name: Anton Deshchenko

NYU affiliation: Stern

NYU status: Graduate

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name



High Concept Statement

Pinterest for texts. Save and organize your most important text messages from multiple messaging apps in one place. Print them in a book as memento.


Status Quo

How many texts have you exchanged with your SO or BFF? Hundreds? Thousands? How easy is it to find that one text message from 2014 that made you laugh? Or one that’s important? Every message thread has a story, our app will help let you capture and preserve that story.



Searching within native text messages apps is clunky – just try to find that funny message that you sent to your friend last spring. Go ahead… I’ll wait. There are desktop-based programs that allow you to export, search and save your text messages, but they are:

– desktop-based (who uses desktops anymore?!)
– paid (who pays for software anymore?!)

Some native chat apps (WhatsApp) allow you to “star/save” your texts, but functionality is limited.



Clean and beautiful design. Ease of use. Security. Launch our app, add TxtVlt number to your contacts. Anytime you want to save a text message exchange, simply forward it to TxtVlt contact. Save the texts that are important forever. Print them in a paper book if you so choose.


Revenue Model

Several revenue models can be applied.  1) Basic app would be free, a user would be able to upgrade to a “premium” version for a fee. The premium version would allow user to add additional “rooms” to their message vault and include visual customization options. 2) App could search through the key words of the text messages that the user saves and display ads; this option would generate immediate advertising revenue.  3) Another option would be to allow the user to print their “TxtVlt Wall” in a physical book (through a partnership with Shutterfly, for example). Picture how awesome it would be to receive a small hardcover book of significant text message exchanges that you had with your best friend over the past five years.


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Which category best describes your app?

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