Where Can I Go Now?

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Name: Fatiah  Touray

NYU affiliation: Arts and Sciences

NYU status: Faculty (full-time)

Did you enter last year?: No

Do you have any teammates?: Yes

How many, including yourself?: 2


Concept Name

Where Can I Go Now?


High Concept Statement

Our app helps users explore the world based on their budgets! Users provide where and when they’d like to leave, and we provide the destinations.


Status Quo

There are no apps that’ll provide destinations, last minute, based on just budget and departure airports.   The existing apps that provide destinations have predetermined travel dates. This app is for everyone! Students and parents planning travel around breaks and holidays, experienced travelers, and new travelers seeking to explore the world.



People are more open minded to travel to new places especially if there is a great deal.  The majority of travel apps haven’t changed with the times. Current travel apps do not cater to users that don’t have a specific destination but know when they want to travel. Kayak Explore is the main competition however, many people don’t know this tool exists since it is hidden on their website and not available on their app.



The Where Can I Go Now app is for the best kind of traveler, one with an open mind! The problem with most travel websites/apps are that a destination is required from step 1. The only information required for our app are departure airport and trip dates.


Revenue Model

Paid subscribers are able to be more interactive. They have the ability to customize their searches (price range and destination regions) and contribute to the testimonials tab with stories or questions. Subscribers will also receive personalized flight deals emails. There will be an advertisement banner on each page as well as an advertisement pop up while the search results are being generated. The testimonials tab will provide users with fun last-minute stories, vacation ideas, and user generated dos & don’ts based on experiences. Within this area, there will be sponsored articles and ads by tourism boards.


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